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Information for Grandparents

Are you raising grandchildren who need health insurance?

If you are raising your grandchildren, one of your biggest worries may be how to keep them healthy and strong. Having health and dental insurance can make it possible for you to get health care for your grandchildren before they are seriously ill.

Grandchildren that live with you may be eligible for Florida KidCare. When you apply for Florida KidCare, your income will only be considered if it will help your grandchildren become eligible for one of the Florida KidCare programs. The grandchildren you are applying for must live in your home, but it does not matter how long they have lived with you. You can print a Florida KidCare application and instructions from this web site, or call 1-888-540-5437 toll-free and one will be sent to you.

Grandparents can bring their grandchildren to the doctor’s office.

Florida Statute Chapter 743.0645 allows a grandparent to consent to medical care on behalf of a child: (1) after the treatment provider has made a reasonable attempt to contact the child’s parent or legal guardian and that person cannot be contacted; and (2) if the parent or legal guardian has not given the treatment provider notice that they oppose the treatment.

If your uninsured grandchildren do not live with you...

If you are a grandparent whose uninsured grandchild does not live with you, you can still learn about child health insurance from the state your grandchild lives in.

Go to Insure Kids Now and from the drop-down menu click on the state that your grandchild resides in. You can then contact that state to have an application sent to your grandchild's parents.